Welcome to the Regina Anti-Poverty Ministry

The Existence Of Poverty Is Shameful!
To Be Poor Is Not.

We advocate with and for people living in poverty.
We strive to educate and create systemic change.

Through This Ministry You Are There!

  Everyday Regina Anti-Poverty Ministry (RAPM) works with someone struggling to have their basic needs made through the Saskatchewan Income Support (SIS) system program. Over the past two years one of the commonest issues that staff address with clients is utility cut off. RAPM advocates for an income support system that successfully lifts people out of poverty.

  • Special thanks to Knox-Metropolitan United Church for the free office space provided for the Anti-Poverty Ministry over the years.
  • Specials thanks to the G. Murray & Edna Forbes Foundation for participation in on-going funding through the South Saskatchewan Foundation.
  • Special thanks to all the individuals whose donations enabled the Anti-Poverty Ministry to help over 2000 cases last year. In addition, each year the Anti-Poverty Ministry trains 5 – 6 interns / practicums – our advocates for the future.