Poverty involves a complex array of risk factors that adversely affect the population in a multitude of ways. The four primary risk factors afflicting families living in poverty are:

  • Emotional and social challenges.
  • Acute and chronic stressors.
  • Cognitive lags.
  • Health and safety issues.

Our public education campaign is aimed at the local and provincial public, with a focus on faith-based, community and educational groups and institutions as well as interested individuals. RAPM:

  • Conducts study circles for low-income persons to study root causes of poverty. This information is used in communications with government representatives.
  • Regularly meets with government ministries to seek ways to improve lives of low-income persons.
  • Works with over 50 other organizations to develop resources and community consensus on anti-poverty issues and policy.
  • Organizes conferences and deliver workshops and presentations on poverty issues to community groups and churches.
Through this ministry you are there!