The Existence Of Poverty Is Shameful - To Be Poor Is Not!

Rooted in God's radical love, expressed through compassion and action, the Regina Anti-Poverty Ministry advocates and educates with and for those seeking social and economic justice.  


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Why we are here

Why is RAPM here? The following poverty statistics were found in Poverty Free Saskatchewan's report Let's do something about poverty

Poverty is a multi-dimensional social problem that often includes issues concerning income, cost-of-living, health and social cohesion. Poverty affects a diverse group of persons in our communities and no one is immune to its consequences.

Saskatchewan's (2006) overall poverty rate is 15.3% affecting 140,000 people. Canada's overall poverty rate is 14.5%.

Saskatchewan has the third highest provincial child poverty rate in Canada .

In 2007, there were 35,000 children under age 18 living beneath the poverty line (before-tax Low Income Cut-off) in Saskatchewan . This was 16.7% of all children.

45% of Aboriginal children in Saskatchewan live in low-income families.

The poorest in Saskatchewan are children living in female single-parent families, with a poverty rate of 47.5% (19,000). The national rate among this group is 42.6%.

Food prices rose 6% in 2009, compared to the core inflation rate of 1%. Prices for dairy products rose 6.6% and for vegetables rose 8.3%.

Saskatchewan was the only province to experience an increase in water, fuel and electricity costs.

Problems with affordable housing are well known for Saskatchewan residents. Rental costs have gone up in many locations across the province, including rural and northern areas.

In 2009, Saskatoon's average rent increased 8.3% the second highest increase in Canada . The average rent in Regina for all types of suites was $752.  The provincial average was $760 monthly.

In 2009, Regina, had the lowest vacancy rate in Canada at 0.6%, resulting in one of the country's tightest rental markets.