The Existence Of Poverty Is Shameful - To Be Poor Is Not!

Rooted in God's radical love, expressed through compassion and action, the Regina Anti-Poverty Ministry advocates and educates with and for those seeking social and economic justice.  


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Social Justice

Social justice work involves anti-poverty activism and lobbying as well as community consultation and consensus building around key issues.  It also includes joint projects and campaigns with community partners.

RAPM frequently makes presentations to politicians and other government representatives.  We know that there are many powerful interests which carry considerable influence in policy-making circles.  The concerns of low-income people and the issues of the anti-poverty movement must also be heard by decision makers.  In the past year we have had two meetings with the Minister of Social Services.  We have also met with senior officials of the Ministry and Saskatchewan Housing.  In 2016, RAPM was part of presentations to two Federal Standing Committees regarding legal protections for social and economic rights.

RAPM continues to chair the Regina Anti-Poverty Network, which is a network of over 20 organizations dealing with poverty issues.  The Network provides a forum for information sharing and has been active in the campaign for adequate and affordable housing.

RAPM is active in the Disability Income Support Coalition (DISC), which has been working with the Government of Saskatchewan on the development of the SAID program.  At present, we are represented on the DISC Benefits Committee which is looking at adequacy measures for SAID.

RAPM played a lead role in resisting proposed cuts to SAID, social assistance and the Saskatchewan Employment Supplement.  We also took part in the Sask Forward consultation process which considered transformational change to make Saskatchewan a happier, healthier and more prosperous place for all.

Over the past 19 years, RAPM has identified key anti-poverty proposals through extensive consultation with low-income people and community groups that deal with poverty issues.  These proposals have included adequate income security benefits, a living wage, quality and affordable housing and childcare, equity initiatives and fair taxation.  We are presently promoting the proposal of a Saskatchewan Anti-Poverty Act which would ensure basic social and economic rights committed to under international law.

Each year, the Education and Proposals Committee of our Ministry develops and presents anti-poverty proposals to Wascana Presbytery and Saskatchewan Conference of The United Church of Canada.  We also play a leadership role in developing and presenting the Saskatchewan Conference Brief to the Government of Saskatchewan and the Provincial Opposition.

RAPM networks with many organizations at the local, provincial and national levels.  Locally, this includes involvement at all levels of the church as well as in community organizations.  Bonnie Morton is presently the President Elect of Saskatchewan Conference.  At the national level, Bonnie is on the board of the Court Challenges Program where she chairs the Equality Advisory Committee and Poverty Sub-Committee.  Bonnie is also on the Community and Social Justice Ministries Working Group of The United Church of Canada and the board of Canada Without Poverty.