The Existence Of Poverty Is Shameful - To Be Poor Is Not!

Rooted in God's radical love, expressed through compassion and action, the Regina Anti-Poverty Ministry advocates and educates with and for those seeking social and economic justice.  


REGINA Survival Guide for Emergency Shelter, Food, Free Clothing, etc. this guide tells you where to get help quickly. Please click onThe Survival Guide website.

For current rates, application forms, and more on the Saskatchewan Assistance Program, please visit the provincial Ministry of Social Services website.




We are celebrating 20 years of advocacy, public education, and social justice awareness among and about poverty in our community.

We have brought hope and a tangible example of God's love to thousands of individuals living in poverty.  Here is your opportunity, as a member of our community, to support us in the work that we do.  By supporting our 20/20 campaign, by donating $20 per month, you are right there with us helping to alleviate poverty in our community.  Together we will continue to make a difference.

During these 20 years that we celebrate, we have had a number of successes.  Here are 20 Ways RAPM has impacted and continues to impact our community.